Landscape Lighting

We design, install and maintain landscape lighting systems.

We design, install and maintain landscape lighting systems to fit each client’s
home—designing and adding a lighting plan that will highlight the exterior of the property.

The lighting systems we set up are low volt and don’t require excessive amounts of electricity. Lights are put on timers and set up to specific seasonal times, or one can easily set a timer to operate on a dawn to dusk schedule.

As knowledgeable and certified lighting experts, we will ensure the type of lighting system set up is correctly positioned so as to best highlight the pathway, driveway, house or garden art.

Additionally, the lighting is positioned so it doesn’t cast hot spots or point toward viewing windows, and the overall lighting effect is subtle and enjoyable throughout the seasons.

Your lighting system will be maintained on an annual basis, and we’ll come out to adjust or change the system if it needs adjustment. We’ll check to see if timers are set to specifications, all light bulbs are functioning properly, and the system is in optimal working condition.

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