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Landscape Concepts offers a complete range of services for your home and garden needs.

We save you time and effort, while ensuring the natural beauty of your property is well cared for and enhanced. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll discuss many ways to make your lawn and garden beautiful and welcoming throughout the year.


Spring has finally arrived! Now that winter’s over you want to surround yourself with the vibrant colors of nature. Let us help bring your garden and lawn back to life.

We can get your springtime off to a great beginning with…

  • Complete yard and garden spring clean-up.
  • Hand-picked container plantings bursting with color—from cool weather through mid-May.
  • Spring garden and lawn fertilization (ask us about organic options).

Spring cleanup services include:


  • Winter debris removal—including leaves, fallen branches, sticks and twigs.
  • Hand raking or aerating all lawn areas.
  • Blowing grass so as to remove all remaining debris.
  • Re-seeding small dead lawn patches.


  • Complete winter debris removal, including leaves, old foliage, and sticks.
  • Prepare flower beds for mulching.
  • Edge all beds to maintain a clear delineation between lawn and garden.
  • Prune away all broken or dead branches from evergreens and deciduous trees and shrubs.


Summer is when gardens have come back to life and you get the greatest enjoyment from every type of outdoor activity. It’s also the time to plant annuals, perennials and shrubs to beautify your garden. These plantings will add to the beauty and pleasure your garden brings to friends and family through the warm summer days.

Our summer gardening services include:

  • Planting annuals in gardens and containers.
  • Scheduled weekly or bi-weekly garden and lawn maintenance.
  • Summer lawn and flower bed fertilization.

Weekly or bi-weekly maintenance includes:


  • Weekly lawn mowing with a change in patterns to maintain turf health.
  • Lawn clippings bagged and removed.
  • Weekly trimming around garden beds, stones, walkways, and difficult to reach areas.
  • Walkways, stairs, driveways, and parking areas will be blown to thoroughly remove clippings, debris and grass.


  • Weekly or bi-weekly maintenance depending upon seasonal needs.
  • Deadheading plant material to maintain continual bloom and plant health.
  • Cutting off deciduous materials as needed throughout the season to maintain desired shape and size of plants and shrubs.
  • Watering planters and flower beds as needed.


When autumn arrives you’re ready to relax and enjoy the cooler weather, or admire the beauty of your garden from inside your home. New fall foliage brightens up your trees and plantings around the house, and its time to once again prepare the gardens for winter and spring.

Fall means it’s time for:

  • Mum, cabbage and kale planting.
  • Daffodil, tulip and minor bulb planting.
  • Autumn lawn and garden cleanup.
  • Fall fertilization.

Autumn lawn and garden cleanup includes:

  • Removing leaves on a weekly basis to keep grass healthy.
  • Cleaning all leaves and sticks out from lawn areas, walkways and driveways.
  • Mowing lawn to maintain desired grass height for winter months.

Fall Garden Care

  • Following the first frost, removing all annuals and cutting back perennials as needed.
  • Removing all leaf and stick debris from garden.
  • Mulching perennials and roses (if needed) once the temperature drops to 30 degrees for several days in a row.

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